A Musical Wedding

Every August around my town it seems like wedding season strikes with a fury. All of a sudden you’ll see couples announcing that their wedding is in only a few short weeks and asking if you can make it. Whether the couple has dated six months or six years, inevitably the wedding falls around this time. As such most of the weddings I go to tend to blur together. They all take place at a nice church before transferring over to the local coliseum for dancing, drinks, and the rest of the after party.

However, the most recent wedding I went to was quite the opposite. My buddy Richard was getting married to his long time girlfriend I just knew he was going to try to one up everyone else. It didn’t hurt that Richard was a showman and that he was a trained professional saxophone player Manchester. So when the wedding music began we were all overjoyed but not surprised to see him walk down the aisle playing his own instrument. Definitely one of the more interesting wedding moments I’ve seen.

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