It can be

Some areas of the country where the daytime temp rarely reaches the 80 to 85 degree level even in the summer (Think Alaska) can pretty much eschew AC; all that’s required is a few open windows or doors with screens. However the desert areas like Arizona and Nevada depend on the real stuff: air conditioning Manchester units, and many times during the months of June to September, they will have those babies cranked up 24/7.

Decades ago anyone who was introduced to the southern parts of those states, hadn’t a clue or didn’t know the difference between a ‘swamp cooler’ and truly cold air that only an AC unit can provide. They had to suffer through summers hearing that noisy: ‘kachunk…kachunk…coming down from the roof or floor-level bedroom window. That wasn’t the real thing, and thankfully many rental homes and affordable apartments have had an epiphany, and graduated to AC.

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